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Your Global Trusted CRO+CDMO Partner

CRAMSN Research Park (CRAMSN) is a specialized hub dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for CRO | CDMO | CMO services. We stand as one of the fastest-growing global Contract Research, Development & Manufacturing Organizations, with Integrated R&D and Manufacturing facilities enabling pharmaceuticals, biotech, and consumer health companies to accelerate delivery of affordable medicines to end patients with speed and agility. CRAMSN operates with 184,000 sq. ft. R&D facility situated within a spacious campus in Hyderabad, India and dedicated manufacturing unit. We have a substantial capacity of 80 KL with 4 clean rooms of different capacities to provide cGMP material for clinical trials and provision for future expansion. CRAMSN also has shared manufacturing facilities of 10000KL capacities that includes 2 dedicated high potent manufacturing facilities. CRAMSN serves as your strategic service partner, offering innovative and progressive solutions that cover the entire spectrum from drug discover

Type: Service / Capability Showcase

Category: CMC: Small Molecules, Drug Substance
CMC: Small Molecules, Drug Product
CMC: Small Molecules, Analytical
Discovery: Discovery Chemistry

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