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IDT Biologika confirms Gold Sponsorship at BOS Basel 2020

Bio2Business is pleased to welcome IDT Biologika as Gold Sponsor at BOS Basel 2020.

IDT Biologika specializes in the contract development and manufacture of viral vaccines, gene and immunotherapeutics as well as sterile liquid and lyophilized biopharmaceuticals.  We provide fully-integrated services for our customers, ranging from formulation development and clinical manufacturing through to large-scale production, packaging and quality control.

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Bio2Business is delighted to welcome Lubrizol Life Science Health as a Silver package at BOS Basel 2020

The Health business team at Lubrizol Life Science partners with customers to speed their innovative pharmaceutical products to market. Our dedicated team provides best-in-class polymers and excipients, along with development and manufacturing services, with the ultimate goal of creating solutions that improve patient outcomes. 

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Bio2Business is delighted to welcome 2bind GmbH, Silver Sponsors at BOS Basel 2020.

2bind GmbH provides taylor-made biophysics services for drug discovery (Fragments/Compounds, Protein/RNA-targeted, HT Screening, Hit Validation, Hit Characterization), antibody development (Ab Stability Studies, Ab-Ag Interaction Studies, Pre-Formulation), aptamer characterization ((HT Screening, Kinetic and Thermodynamic Profiling) and protein biophysics (Interaction Analysis, Stability Analysis, Buffer Optimization, Enzyme-Stabilization) with a state-of-the-art method portfolio comprising nanoDSF, MST, BLI and ITC.

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