Ms Pauline Oster, R&D Engineer, Novasep

photo of Ms Pauline Oster

Pauline has a double background of pharmacist and engineer in biotechnologies, obtained in 2012 at the University of Pharmacy and ENSAIA (Nancy).

She joined the CDMO Novasep-Axplora as R&D engineer in 2012, to develop industrial purification processes of API, from bench scale to pilot and production scale, under GMP conditions. She has then gained experience in various types of chromatography, from low downstream processes applied to recombinant proteins or mAbs, to chiral separations in SFC or continuous processes like SMB, or HPLC on plant extracts and small molecules

Presentation Title: How the origin of the crude drives preparative chromatography to produce high-purity APIs

Abstract: The quality of a crude material is directly linked to the way of obtention of the target molecule. From biologic material to synthetic molecule, various challenges are encountered during the development of a chromatographic purification step. Discover through different case studies how the origin of a crude material drives the chromatographic purification strategy.

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