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BioAscent is a leading provider of science-led integrated drug discovery services based at the former MSD R&D site in Newhouse, Scotland.

BioAscent’s drug discovery services include de novo assay development, target analysis and bespoke screening strategies, compound screening, medicinal and synthetic chemistry, computational chemistry and compound management, all with access to in-house diversity and fragment libraries.

Our team of expert drug discovery scientists has experience of successfully working from assay development through to preclinical and clinical candidates across all biological target classes and major therapeutic indications. Our compound management service offers customers secure compound aggregation and storage, up-to-date visibility of all samples and orders with a full audit trail, and rapid delivery in screen-ready format. We manage customer libraries ranging in size from a few hundred to a few hundred thousand compounds in both liquid and solid formats.

Since 2013, the BioAscent team has been responsible for:

• 100 biochemical and biophysical assays for drug discovery projects
• 30 hit-to-lead campaigns
• 50 hit validation/characterisation projects
• 80,000 screening plates delivered to our global customers/partners


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Dr Phil Jones
Dr Phil Jones
Chief Scientific Officer

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Dr Phil Jones, Chief Scientific Officer, BioAscent