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Whitepaper: Optimizing challenging API salt screening strategy
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...to Biotech Outsourcing Strategies Manchester 2023

Biotech Outsourcing Strategies Events bring together stakeholders in R&D outsourcing to share experience, build existing outsourcing partnerships and forge new buyer/supplier business relationships. BOS is an event where business gets done and where you can be confident of high quality interactions with potential business partners. You will receive a warm welcome from the Bio2Business team in the vibrant and buzzing City of Manchester!

BOS Manchester 2023 scope is primarily development stage CMC outsourcing for both Small Molecules and Biologics and also covering Novel Therapeutic Entities.

We are pleased to partner with Marketing Manchester to present accommodation options for BOS Manchester 2023. BOS Manchester 2023 will include a vibrant Exhibition showcasing expertise and capabilities from the CRO and CMO community. View the Exhibition Floor Plan BOS Manchester 2023. To help onboard our Sponsors, please see our Sponsor Onboarding Checklist. In addition, sponsors can refer to a summary of the Exhibition Logistics.

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The BOS Events story began in 2006 with our 1st event hosted in Sheffield, UK. Our event format has been refined over the years and now consists of 4 key components; Programme; Partnering; Exhibition and Informal Networking. Please contact the Bio2Business team and we will be delighted to expand on our approach for each of these key ingredients!

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Partnering Top Tips

  1. Set your availability as a priority! Achieve your desired balance between 1-to-1's and presentations
  2. Use the Partnering Organiser to filter, create favourites list and co-ordinate with colleagues by sharing notes
  3. Use the 10 minute meeting slots (day 1: 08.00 to 09.00 and day 2: 13.00 to 14.00) for introductory meetings and stand visits
  4. Use BOS Messenger to communicate if a meeting can't be scheduled, e.g. let's meet at the coffee break

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If you do not have access to Partnering, please contact Bio2Business. Remember to Login (top right)!

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