BOS Manchester 2023 Partnering

Partnering for BOS Manchester 2023 has begun!

How does it work?

Once you have entered the partnering application you will be able to complete a profile about your company and outline your CMC or R&D outsourcing requirements or your CMC or R&D outsourcing services by completing the "Meeting Criteria" field.

You will then be able to view who is attending the event and send meeting invitations to those individuals you are keen to connect with at BOS Manchester 2022.

If the recipient accepts your meeting request your meeting (10 or 20 minutes) will be scheduled into your online diary at the specified time during the event.

Partnering is at your discretion; if you do not wish to participate in 1 to 1 meetings you can decline meeting requests.

Notifications: Receipt of a meeting request, new message receipt, meeting decline or meeting cancelation will trigger a email notification to your registered email address. If you have concerns that these are not reaching you please first check your Spam filter and then contact Bio2Business and we will run a test with you.

Partnering Top Tips

  1. Set your availability to show when you are available for Partnering (networking) and to mark the times you are unavailable at Presentations.
  2. Use our 10-minute slots (08.00 to 09.00 on day 1 and 13.00 to 14.00 on day 2) to fit in those introductory meetings or stand visits. (The other meeting slots are 20 minutes long.)
  3. Use the Lunch / Coffee Breaks / Drinks Reception times as another option for meeting people: "Let's catch up at the coffee break" via BOS Messenger is a nice alternative to "Declined"!
  4. If you're part of an Organisation, use our Partnering Organiser to co-ordinate who is going to contact whom. Please avoid sending multiple meeting requests from different persons in your organisation to a single recipient.

Step-by-step Guide to Partnering

  1. Using BOS Messenger to Communicate with Attendees
    1. Sending a Message to an Attendee: Go to Attendee Page > Click on the Looking Glass Next to the Attendee name > Click Message > Send Message (see video:
    2. Accessing my BOS Messenger Inbox: Go to Options > BOS Messenger (see video:
  2. Using BOS Partnering to Arrange and Manage 1-to-1 meetings
    1. Access BOS Partnering Application: Go to My Account > BOS Manchester 2023 > View Partnering Diary (see video:
    2. Manage Availability: Go to Full Diary > Select Unavailable for time slots you do not wish to have 1-to-1's (see video:
      Note: Cross Reference against the programme here
      Note: Standard Meeting Times are 20 minutes
      Note: 10 Minute meetings are aimed at helping you schedule those quick "get to know you" meetings
      Note: For slots that you have marked unavailable you can still accept meeting requests from "Favourites" if you wish to
    3. Using Partnering Organiser to Co-ordinate Your Partnering Plans: Go to Partnering Organiser, run filters, add favourites and add notes to co-ordinate with your colleagues e.g I have contacted him today for a meeting
    4. Request Meetings: Go to Full Diary > Request Meetings > See Availability > Select Time > Request Meeting > Send Request (see video:
    5. Accept/Decline/Rearrange Meeting Request: Go to Outstanding Requests > See "Inbound Meeting Request" > Select View > Select Accept/Decline/Rearrange as appropriate (see video:
    6. View Confirmed Meetings: Go to Confirmed Meetings
      1. Note: We Plan to email you with a list of your confirmed meetings the day before the Event starts
      2. Note: Meeting Locations are either at a partnering table within the partnering zone (easily located within the main exhibition space) or at Exhibitor Stand. The location of your meeting will be outlined on your Confirmed Meetings listing.
    7. Manage Privacy Settings: You can choose between received unread message notifications once a day or twice a day, go to My Account > BOS Messenger option > Your Privacy Settings for this event