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BOS 2018 will comprise the existing CMC focused event but in addition, will add a new discovery outsourcing component, creating an enlarged 2 day conference in Basel, Switzerland.


Each Track will consist of the following shared session themes:


Outsourcing Business Process: To encompass the procurement element of your role.

Technical Operations: To encompass the technical elements of outsourcing discovery R&D, Drug Substance Outsourcing, Analytical Development Outsourcing, Drug Product Outsourcing for Biologics and Small Molecules.

Outsourcing Case Studies: Building on the Technical Operations sessions, demonstrating outsourcing approaches to real life scenarios.

Poster Presentations: To aid your Technology and Services Scouting, the objective of these sessions is to showcase new technologies and services shaping the industry.

Special Interest Areas: For example, Open Innovation in Discovery, the objective will be to present shared opportunities for biotech, pharma and CRO stakeholders. 

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Technical Scope: CMC Module Small Molecules and Biologics (Pre-clinical to Phase III/launch)

Process Research & Development - Drug Substance: Analytical Method Development: External Manufacture - Drug Substance/Drug Product; Drug Product Development: Drug Delivery Strategies: Quality and Regulatory. 

Technical Scope: Discovery Module

Target Site ID and Validation; Hit Identification; Discovery Chemistry; Discovery Biology; Drug Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics: In Vitro/Vivo Pharmacology.

All of the above topics will be explored in the context of outsourcing collaboration and management of outsourcing campaigns.

Please Click Here to access the BOS 2018 programme