BOS 2019
Biotech Outsourcing Strategies Events Poster
Bio2Business Ltd
Discovery : Small Molecules

BOS Events Overview

Keywords: Conference, Exhibition, Outsourcing, Manufacturing, Discovery, Partnering

Richard Collins
INOFEA Poster BOS 2019
Discovery : Other

Keywords: empowered enzymes, bioanalysis, bioconjugation, biocatalysis

Dr. Yves Dudal

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This is not just fill finish: insight from a C(D)MO perspective
Legacy Pharmaceuticals Switzerland GmbH
Drug Product : Biologics

After a long and expensive process to develop DS, biotech companies want to quickly move to First-in-Human. The added value of Fill Finish is often regarded as a simple development step, but it is actually extremely complex in nature. Not enough time for Fill Finish partners selection and technology transfer is usually planned, as well as for primary packaging selection. The establishment of a strong Fill Finish partners network early in the process could save time and money in DP developments.

Keywords: sterile aseptic fill finish contract manufacturing

Carole Delauney
The development of a set of novel small molecule inhibitors of the Kv1.3 ion channel
Metrion Biosciences
Discovery : Small Molecules

Ion channels represent 15-20% of historic drug approvals but are notoriously complex targets and require specialised screening technology such as automated patch clamp (APC) electrophysiology. We outline a situation where a pharma company turns to a specialist CRO to fill their knowledge gap. During the collaboration, we developed potent and selective Kv1.3 modulators with nM efficacy against human T-cells and potential to treat auto-immune disease.

Keywords: small molecules; ion channels; potassium channels; drug discovery; auto-immune disease

Sophie Rose

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