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BOS Manchester 2024 Partnering

Partnering between sponsor and vendor is at the heart of BOS Manchester 2024. As a sponsor (Pharma or Biotech) you will be able to outline your discovery, development, API and Drug Product outsourcing requirements and connect with CMOs and CROs who can help. As a vendor (CMO or CRO) you will be able to reach out to new and existing clients to discuss your R&D, API and Drug Product capabilities. This process is facilitated using the BOS Events 1 to 1 Partnering Software.

How does it work?

Once you have entered the partnering application you will be able to complete a profile about your company and outline your CMC or R&D outsourcing requirements or your CMC or R&D outsourcing services by completing the "Meeting Criteria" field. You will then be able to view who is attending the event and send meeting invitations to those individuals you are keen to connect with at BOS Manchester 2024. If the recipient accepts your meeting request your meeting (10 or 20 minutes) will be scheduled into your online diary at the specified time during the event.

Partnering is at your discretion; if you do not wish to participate in 1 to 1 meetings you can decline meeting requests.