Introducing the BOS Manchester 2024 Programme

BOS Manchester 2024's scope is primarily development-stage CMC outsourcing for both Small Molecules and Biologics, as well as covering Novel Therapeutic Entities.

We have a single-track programme consisting of high-quality presentations and drawing from the diverse organisation types in the community including multinational pharmaceutical companies, speciality pharma, SME biotech, CRO/CMO and Consultants. Our programme consists of the following modules:

Outsourcing Business Process
Exploring strategies and processes driving sourcing and procurement of R&D services

Technical Operations
Exploring the technical elements of outsourcing discovery R&D, Drug Substance Outsourcing, Analytical Development Outsourcing, Drug Product Outsourcing for Biologics and Small Molecules.

Outsourcing Case Studies
Building on the Technical Operations sessions, demonstrating outsourcing approaches to real life scenarios.

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Day 1 - 26th November 2024

Time BOS Manchester Programme
Time BOS Manchester Programme