Dr Miranda de Jager, Owner/Principal Consultant CMC, [email protected]

Miranda founded M3 Pharma Consultancy, a Dutch based company, in April 2022. She has almost 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. She worked for large “big pharma” companies as well as for small and virtual start-ups, both as an employee and as a consultant. She enjoys pioneering and working on complex projects in an international and multidisciplinary environment.

Miranda has acted as CMC leader of multiple early to late stage development projects. Over the years she collaborated with a wide range of academic and industrial partners for CMC, drug delivery and nonclinical related activities. Being responsible for delivering project objectives at high quality and within agreed budget and timelines and finding creative solutions for challenges that pop up along the way is what gives her energy and drives her every day.

• Transparent, motivated and reliable
• Analytical, accurate, result- and quality-driven
• Troubleshooting, out of the box thinking
• Outgoing person with a dual orientation on tasks and people
• Cross-functional collaboration on projects and/or root cause investigations

Presentation Title: CMC Insights into the Development of Personalised Neoantigen Peptide Cancer Vaccine

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