BOS Basel 2020
BOS Manchester 2020

Bio2Business is pleased to offer sponsor partners the opportunity to showcase outsourcing capabilities and services as part of a poster & presentation package at both BOS Basel and BOS Manchester for 2020. Two packages are available, you can purchase once for one event or purchase for both our 2020 events:

BOS Outsourcing Showcase Package:
£1500 + VAT

Including: On Site Poster at BOS Basel/Manchester 2020, and e-poster submission

BOS Outsourcing Showcase & Presentation Package:
£2500 + VAT

Including: On Site Poster at BOS Basel/Manchester 2020, e-poster submission and 10-minute presentation opportunity.

Package Components

On Site Poster

Display your poster at BOS Basel/Manchester 2020.

About the Posters

  • Your poster will be displayed on 1 side of a 4 sided Syma construction which measures 103cm in width by 250cm in height
  • You supply the poster in PDF or EPS, we deliver the printed poster
  • Poster Medium - Forex 5mm
  • Deadline for submission is 1st June 2020 (Early submission advantageous)
  • Posters will be grouped and displayed by the following 4 themes: Discovery/Drug Substance/Analytical/Drug Product

Click here to view BOS Outsourcing Showcase brochure

Editorial Guidelines

Please provide a poster outlining a single technology/service or capability, which is unique to your organisation. Alternatively, it could be a service or technology where your company can demonstrate industry leadership (supporting data will be required). Please highlight the innovative aspects of your chosen topic and how this will benefit your clients and the industry. Please incorporate supporting data. If you can also include case studies and client testimonials then please do so. Please find some tips below to help you hit the brief:

✔ DO
Showcase a specific service/technology or capability
Include supporting data, if available
Include one or more case studies, if available
Include a client testimonial, if available)
Include your company branding
Submit a general company overview of your services (this will be declined)
Showcase more than one specific service/technology or capability

IMPORTANT: Bio2Business reserves the right to decline a submission that does not follow these guidelines

Click here to view BOS Outsourcing Showcase brochure

Features BOS Outsourcing Showcase Package BOS Outsourcing Showcase & Presentation Package
On-site Poster
10-minute presentation in Technology Showcase (*content must meet editorial guidelines to be accepted)
  £1500 + VAT £2500 + VAT
poster example
poster example