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Bellen Chemistry: Your one-stop partner for pharmaceutical and chemical services. Bellen Chemistry was established in 2007 and has rapidly become a team of over 900 employees. In the last decade our innovative research capabilities have attracted the attention of a large number of important international companies, and we have subsequently developed FTE, CRO and CDMO services to support them. We have also invested heavily in QC equipment and quality systems, and all three of our sites are equipped with NMR, LC-MS, UPLC, HPLC and are certified to ISO14001 and comply with OHSAS18001 legislation. Bellen is committed to continue investing into innovation and build state-of-the art facilities to enable a "one-stop-shop" chemistry service platform for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. In line with our global development commitment, we have Bellen subsidiaries in Europe, the USA and Japan to provide better and faster services to our local customers. Beijing (CRO) This Beijing research center specialises in custom synthesis and library production, compound lead generation, final selection and optimization, including pre-clinical trials and clinical process development for our medchem services. We can handle many different reaction types from gram to multi kilo scale including microwave, photochemistry and catalysis reactions. Recently we have also invested into supercritical fluid chromatography for chiral separation and we are able to offer innovative resources to our chiral custom-synthesis programs. Shanghai (CDMO) The process development and R&D center undertakes innovative route design and handles process development and process safety risk assessment. Within the Shanghai facility we have dedicated areas for hydrogenation and low temperature reactions, we also routinely handle photochemistry and flow chemistry projects, enzymatic reactions and high-throughput catalyst screening. Shandong (CMO) Our manufacturing plant in Shandong started operation in mid-2017 with 5 non-GMP reaction trains for the manufacture of API intermediates, since then the plant has been running at full capacity. Our phase 2 plant (2019) provided an extra 20 non-GMP reaction trains, and to complement our non-GMP facilities, 4 GMP reaction trains and a clean room have also been added recently at Shandong. We can currently handle a multitude of different reactions including hydrogenation and flow chemistry reactions. Purification by column chromatography is also available on site.

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